The Double Breast Jacket – Back In Style


The Double Breast Jacket – Back In Style

It was the 50s and 60s when the double breast suits were the fashion statement. From politicians to celebrities and even gangsters. The double breast suit was the fashion statement all over the world. Single breast suits were also worn during that time, but if you were to attend a business meeting or a red carpet event, you were supposed to turn up in a classic double breast suit.

But then the 90s changed everything from double breast to single. The number of buttons varied from 4 to 2 but the basic pattern had changed entirely and most of the people started liking a single breast suit because it was more versatile and to be honest, cheaper and easier to make.

Lets take a look at what differentiates both of these jacket styles. If you ask a men’s tailor in Dubaito make a single breast jacket, you mean that the jacket has two buttons on one side, both of which are fastened to the right side of the jacket. A double breast suit has a total of 4 or 6 buttons with all six showing on top but only two buttons are fastened to the right side up. The latter will have more fabric to fold over the left side.

Recently in 2016 several celebrities wore the double breasted suits on red carpets bringing it back in the fashion scene. David Beckham, Jake Gyllenhal and several others wore them over premiers and awards. Top end designers like Hugo Boss, Prada, Dolce &Gabbana and others reinvented the double breasted suits and brought them back. Does this make you go out and get one? There are some things to consider before doing so.

First thing, a double breasted suit needs an expert men’s tailor. It requires years of experience to make the perfect fit. There are basically two fits to choose from. The taper fit that contours the body or keep it straight. It all depends on the person wearing the suit, whichever is comfortable for them. A taper jacket suits more on men with broad shoulders and a small waist. While a straight fit would look better on people with larger waists or old people.

Lapels are very important when it comes to this type of suit. The previous versions of this type of suit had large lapels and men used to wear broader ties with them. Recently the width of the lapels has been reduced and smaller width ties are used with them. The golden rule of a perfect suit and tie is that the tie should never be broader than the lapel. Wide lapels give the illusion of a broader chest, yes you read that right, that’s why they were so popular in the old days when men liked to attract women. I you ask a men’s tailor in Dubai, they might give you different samples to try on before ordering your suit. Try different types before finalizing the style. Remember, a suit should fit like a glove.



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