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There are two ways to look good. One is to go to the gym and workout to get the perfect body shape. This certainly not is the instant method. It will take time and a lot of effort. Sometimes it is okay to cheat with some quick fixes. Here is how you can look good instantly.

Wear a Suit

Many people wear a suit for special occasions. A suit is a versatile type of clothing that can be worn at work, cocktail parties, dinners, job interviews and even casually. A jacket is your companion with all type of clothing. So take the next shopping trip to your men’s tailor in Dubai instead of going to the mall for ready-made casuals.

Tailor your clothing

A jacket that sags or is too long or short will change your look to the worst. During the 19th and 20th century, men’s tailors were as important to a man as their best friend. But then everything got commercialized and things changed. A men’s tailor in Dubai will cost you much less than the expensive brands in the Dubai Mall. But the tailored fit of the suit you are wearing will fool anyone into thinking that this is from some expensive brand. If your wardrobe is filled with jeans and t-shirts, it’s time to revamp it. If you don’t know any men’s tailor in Dubai, ask a friend for some referrals.

Your shoes

When people are looking at you, your shoes will leave a huge impact on your impression. Shoes are the foundation of our outfits. You cannot just wear an old beat up pair of oxfords with your new suit. Just like suits in Dubai, you can find a good cobbler in the city. And if you don’t know or can’t find one, go to a nice shoe store in the market and look for a nice pair of shoes that compliment your suit. Another good way of finding a cobbler is to ask your men’s tailor in Dubai.


A lot of men think that accessories are for women. Well, they are not. Accessorizing your outfit is as important for men as it is for women. When you are buying a good pair of shoes, buy a matching belt with them. Both of these should be as close to each other in terms of color and sheen. Your socks need not match your suit but they should complement it. Don’t go for some crazy designs like polka dots or bold colors.

A very good accessory for men is a watch. Invest in a good watch. No need to go for the really expensive brands like Rolex or Cartier. There are several other brands out there less expensive than these but still have a character.

Scent is very important. Find yourself two different types of fragrances and then stick with them. The purpose is to not just look better, but smell better as well.

Groom yourself

Facial hair are quite popular these days. But everyone wants to see a properly maintained face. If you are growing a beard, trim it to give it a clean look or shave regularly otherwise. Pay some attention to your face and skin. It might need some grooming as well. Same goes for your hair as well.

These were quick fixes to get yourself looking good. If you maintain yourself well it won’t be long when people around you will start to miss you when you’re not there.


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