Dress Shirts – A not-to-be-ignored part of your suit


Dress Shirts – A not-to-be-ignored part of your suit

One tip for looking good in a suit, never ignore your shirt. It may be hidden under the jacket, but a dress shirt is perhaps as important as the jacket itself. It is a best idea to get a dress shirt made along with the tailor made suit, instead of buying it off the shelf.

Most men wear dress shirts that don’t fit properly. Ready-made garments are made with standard sizes which don’t fit everyone the same way. Dubai is a city where every major brand from the world wants to be. But the best idea is to get a shirt made-to-fit by a top gents tailor in Dubai to make it fit like a glove under the suit.


The most important thing when buying a dress shirt is the fabric. Every person has their own preferences when it comes to fabric, but the best bet is cotton. A fine cotton has all the properties a man wants in a formal garment. It has good heat and moisture conduction and is durable.

Silk is a luxury fabric recognizable by its sheen and drape. It is not recommended as silk is not an everyday fabric. For formal wear, silk can be a good option but bear in mind that it is far costly and less durable than cotton.


A shirt collar is not just for holding your tie in place. Its basic purpose is to hold a man’s face and balance it. It is the most visible part of the shirt when you wear a jacket on top. The collar hasn’t changed much since the beginning. There are two different types of collars that you can opt for, point collars which are found on 95% off the shelf shirts. The collar angle is about 60 degrees between both. Such collar helps elongates your face.

The spread collar is another type of color which is quite similar to the shirt collar. The angle between both collars is higher than the shirt collar. Before ordering a spread collar shirt to your gents tailor in Dubai, make sure he has enough expertise making these collars.


Cuffs are the second thing that is visible if you are wearing a jacket. The most common type of button cuffs are simple with single or double buttons with no fold at all. The second type of cuffs are the French cuffs which are bigger than the common cuffs and are folded back and worn with cufflinks. There are no buttons in a French cuff.

The length and fit of the cuffs and collar are very important when wearing a jacket. The right way of buying a tailored suit in Dubai is to get the shirt tailored along with the suit so the fit of the shirt is just right.


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